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Join Freedom New Hampshire to support transgender non-discrimination in the Granite State

In New Hampshire, there are still no state laws to explicitly protect transgender Granite Staters from discrimination. But in 2017, lawmakers can change that by passing HB 478, legislation to prohibit discrimination against transgender people in housing, employment and public places. If you believe everyone should be treated fairly and equally under the law, sign the pledge to support HB 478.

Why transgender equality matters now more than ever:

There are more transgender people living openly in New Hampshire and across America today than ever before. And public support for fair and equal treatment of transgender people is on the rise. But still, transgender people experience disproportionate rates of discrimination and harassment—just because of who they are.

1 in 4 transgender Americans have reported being fired from their job because of their gender identity.
78% of transgender students have reported harassment because of their gender identity.
41% of transgender people report attempting suicide.
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Freedom is a New Hampshire Value

"As Chief of the Dover Police Department and a member of law enforcement for over 31 years, I know our communities are safer when everyone is treated fairly and equally under the law and that includes transgender people. This group is actually disproportionately targeted for harassment and assault. However, in places where legal protections are in place, rates of violence against transgender individuals go down with no uptick in public safety incidents. Transgender equality and equal treatment for all is ultimately about building stronger communities for everyone." Chief Anthony Colarusso Chief, Dover Police Department
"I believe in the radically inclusive love of God. This love extends to all of creation—including our transgender brothers and sisters—and calls me to support transgender equality in New Hampshire. At Smith Memorial UCC we are proud to welcome ALL of God's children to our congregation." Rev. Eric Jackson Smith Memorial Congregational Church, UCC
"Ensuring that all people can experience protection in employment, housing and public accommodations is essential to addressing health care disparities. It’s critically important that all New Hampshire citizens live lives free from discrimination and harassment in health settings and everywhere. Harvard Pilgrim is proud to join Freedom New Hampshire and participate in work to ensure that transgender people have access to the same quality of life and access to healthcare as the rest of the citizens of New Hampshire." William Brewster (VP – New Hampshire Market) & Karen Young (VP & Chief Inclusion Officer) Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare
"At Equality Health Center compassionate and affirming healthcare is our goal. Our experience, backed by hard statistics, shows that transgender and gender non-conforming individuals have many health disparities as compared to the overall population. They have higher rates of obesity, smoking, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, substance abuse, suicidal behavior and are disproportionately victims of violence. It's critical that, as a society, we develop an increased awareness of the unique hardships facing transgender people and begin to move from a place of intolerance to one of understanding." Dalia M. Vidunas, MSW Equality Health Center
"When our daughter Sarah told us that she was transgender, there was no question in our minds that we would love, accept and support her. As she's gotten older, it's been a true joy to watch her find passion in running and excel on her high school's women's track and cross country teams. All transgender students deserve to be supported at school and free to participate fully and equally in school activities." The Huckmans Transgender family
"As a transgender woman and doctor, it is important that I provide supportive and informed care to my transgender patients. Transitioning can be very difficult. But for me and many others, it was the best decision I ever made. There's nothing more gratifying to me than supporting others in becoming their truest, most self-fulfilled, and happiest selves." Dr. Jennifer Madden Family Practitioner
"In the Book of Genesis, when God creates human beings, we are told that the humans are created b'tzelem Elohim, in the Image of God. Judaism understands this to mean that every person is a reflection of God and that no person is created erroneously. As the Rabbi of Temple Beth Jacob, I am proud that our community celebrates the diversity of humanity as a reflection of God's diversity, embracing transgender and gender non-conforming individuals among our membership." Rabbi Robin Nafshi Temple Beth Jacob
"Supporting transgender equality is essential to Water Street Bookstore's mission: 'To build community around the written word.' Fair and equal treatment of every member of our reading community — patrons, booksellers, writers, readers all — is critical to building the foundation for our successful bookstore. No one should be turned away from our shop, or denied employment as a bookseller simply because of who they are. It's not only the wrong thing to do— it's bad for business and large scale, it's bad for New Hampshire's economy. That's why I support transgender equality." Dan Chartrand Owner, Water Street Bookstore, Inc.
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Businesses for Freedom

Leading businesses agree that treating LGBT employees and customers fairly and equally isn't just the right thing to do—it's good for the bottom line. If you are a business owner who supports the smart business practice of non-discrimination protections for all, add your name to the Businesses for Freedom coalition.

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Faith Leaders for Freedom

Faith leaders across New Hampshire are leading the call for fair and equal treatment for transgender Granite Staters. If you are a faith leader who believes in the guiding principle 'Treat others as one would like to be treated,' and supports transgender non-discrimination protections, join the Faith Leaders for Freedom coalition.

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Mythbuster: Fact vs Fiction

When it comes to transgender non-discrimination, the truth is more boring than fiction. Advancing freedom for our transgender neighbors does not negate the freedom of others. Together we can build understanding for transgender people, foster open and welcoming communities, and fight for fair and equal treatment under the law—and the sky won't fall.

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